My Odyssey Latest

Today I thought I would share a few of the latest articles I wrote for The Odyssey. These are the 5 articles I previously had published and I think some of you may like them! So here it goes: 7 Things to do Other Than Watch Netflix 24 Things to Give Up for Lent 9 …

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The 5 Minute Rule

The 5 Minute Rule is my weapon against procrastination! A friend introduced this to me recently and it changed the way I approached things, specifically homework. I know all of us college students out there love to put off studying or doing assignments. That's why I decided to put the 5 Minute Rule to good use over …

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4 Habits All College Students Should Adopt

This week has been a very eye-opening one. I haven't had some like big life changing epiphany or anything, but there seems to be a theme running through all my classes... helping college students prepare for the future. As a college student, I understand how stressful it is to bring up the future. Mostly because …

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