Craving Summer

Is anyone else ready for summer to be here? With it being the start of April that means that summer is so close, yet so far away! It’s crazy how fast this semester has gone. I am day dreaming of my summer break, so I thought I would share a few of the things that I can’t wait to do this summer with all of you!

  1. Beach Vacationsprobably the most obvious thing on this list! I can’t wait to be back on the beach relaxing with a good book. I have a few books on my list and honestly the best place for me to read is the beach. I’m not good about reading for pleasure, but when I am at the beach I can knock out 3-4 books in a week like it’s nothing!
  2. Laying poolside with my sistersI can’t wait to see my puppy, but I’m really excited to spend my days relaxing by the pool with my sisters, and my puppy! I’ve been working on a playlist, and I am super excited to finally put my new suits to use!
  3. WaterparksI live in Arizona, which means the only thing to do in the summertime is go to waterparks. It’s just too hot to do anything else! These make for the best days. Grab a few friends, load up the car, and spend the day at a waterpark.
  4. Nighttime drivesI love to blast Baseline and go grab Dutch Brothers Coffee with sisters! There really isn’t anything better!
  5. HikingI am an early morning riser, which is the only way you can hike in Arizona during the summer. Whenever I have a free day hiking is my go-to activity!

What are you planning on doing this summer?

XOXO- Christine


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