Finding Motivation

It has been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday! We are at the point in the semester the where motivation tends to starting slowly slipping away from all us college students. Midterms are here and with so many study guides, homework assignments, etc. it just seems easier to forget about all of it and watch your latest Netflix show. Hopefully this post will help motivate you!


At the start of every semester we tell ourselves that this one is going to be different. We aren’t going to let ourselves get lazy. And somewhere we forget about this promise we made ourselves. Take a moment of reflection. What are your goals? Write them down. Put them somewhere where you will see them every day.


I’ve always been an early riser. Sleeping in more me means 7:00 am right on the dot! Maybe that because it’s a habit? My whole family is filled with early risers. When I visit home for the weekend it will be 6:30 am on a Saturday and we are all sitting in the coffee talking (rather loudly) at each other and laughing. Once you discover the power of waking up early and you get in the habit of it, you will wonder why you never started doing it before.


Maybe you’re struggling to stay motivated and nothing seems to be helping. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? What are those dreams you had as a little kid? They are obtainable… but you have to put in the work to get there. You have to create your dream job!



Remember that this will all be worth it. Now that you have some idea of what your end goal may be, remind yourself that it’s worth it. Dreams are 100% worth it! Sometimes I think we are told otherwise.


And last but certainly not least… you are entirely up to you. If you don’t give it your all right now, where is that going to leave you?

Hoped this helped you find at least a little motivation!



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