Spring Break Packing List

Hello friends! I hope your Mondays are all going great. It definitely feels like the start of a new week, especially with Spring Break so close! Since it is SO close and maybe even already here for some of you I thought I would share my spring break packing list! Here it goes:

FontCandy (14).png


Blouses/Crop tops/Shirts– I try to bring a crop top/blouse for each night out that goes with shorts and skirts that I bring.

Jean Shorts– I always bring a light and dark wash with me. Both the pairs I am bringing this years are high-waisted.

Skirts– I love mini skirts! I usually bring one or two with me on every spring/summer vacation!

Dresses– I am a dress girl through and through. This year I will bring both short and maxi dresses. I have two maxis that don’t get too much wear except for spring/summer so I will definitely be putting those to good use!  

Shoes- tennis shoes, white converse, espadrilles, wedges, and two pairs of flip flops that I DON’T care about. These are what I wear to the beach, pool, etc. It they get lost of damaged I won’t be left heartbroken. (Hint: Walmart sells flip flops for really cheap- I have the same 3 pairs for 3 years now). As for the other shoes, I correspond them with outfits (no corresponding= no packing).

Note: The above items are all planned out so I don’t over pack!

Athleisure Wear– Leggings, a few t-shirts, running shorts… all the things that you feel comfortable laying around in that can double as pajamas. I tend to over pack when it comes to Athleisure wear. I convince myself I need more of it and then it just ends up never being worn.

Swimming suits– Would if be spring break if you didn’t bring swim suits? Haha! I ALWAYS over pack suits, but one thing I never regret packing too many of them. I always end up wearing them all at least once! So… go ahead and pack one or two too many 🙂

Underwear- all the essentials… you know what they are!

Pajamas– As I mentioned earlier, your Athleisure wear may double as pajamas. I have a few PJ sets that I love, so I bring those.

Hat/Sunglasses– These are a must and not just for cute accessories, but for you health! Get a wide-brim hat that protects you from the sun and sunglasses that do the same. The skin around your eyes is super thin!


Makeup Products– I like to go more natural when I am on beach vacations. I bring BB cream rather than foundation, leave the red lipstick at home and stick with lip gloss, and bring waterproof mascara. I don’t love waterproof mascara, but when you are going on a water-filled vacation you don’t really have an option.

Rodan + Fields Products– This is my skincare routine and sunscreen products. For me this means the UNBLEMISH Regimen, the REDEFINE Regimen, and The ESSENTIALS products (sunscreen, foaming sunless tan, body moisturizer/lotion, and lip shield).  

Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste– Last year I bought a travel toothbrush from CVS and it’s a game changer (lol). I never had one before and it’s something so small, but makes it so much easier to pack! It comes with a lid that doubles as a handle so it small and compact and the head doesn’t get dirty.

Dry Shampoo– I don’t like to wash my hair every single day, so this is a must!

Curling Iron/Straightener/Blow Dryer- Always check to see if your hotel has a blow dryer. A lot of times they do and yours takes up space. My sister and I also work it out so one of us brings a curling iron and one of us brings a straightener.


Satchel- I correspond my satchels with my outfits and try to bring no more than two (warning: this is very difficult sometimes).

Beach Bag- I prefer ones with zippers honestly. If you ever got a bag with your $75 purchase from Victoria Secret that is what I recommend using haha! They are big enough to hold everything, have a zipper, and are cute! Also… sorority girl’s, you may have a fanny pack because they are kinda a thing, which is a great alternative to a beach bag!

Towel- check to see if your hotel has them available. If not, I love Costco towels. They are big and not a thin as normal towels, so they don’t get soaked.

Wallet/I.D./Passport/Etc.- don’t forget the important things you need!



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