Monday Motivation

Hello friends! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! It was a great one having my mom here! It was rainy, but that it my favorite kind of weather, so I was more than happy! This morning I am feeling particularly motivated. Last week was a crazy school one with a few tests and lots of other things going on and the fact that I was able to accomplish it all was a great feeling!

Today I want to share my two latest Odyssey articles with you guys! I wrote them when I needed a little extra motivation and writing for me has always been something that has helped me release all that built up stress, so writing these was very beneficial to me. Hopefully you will be able to take away something from them too!

  1. “6 Secrets to Success”this one is pretty much what it says it is. Don’t think I’m giving you all the steps to being successful (they are different for everyone)… it’s a little more complicated than that and nothing beats hard work!

FontCandy (5).png2.  “To Those Who Feel Like They Failed”this one is a little more personal. Every once and a while I think we beat ourselves up over our failures, especially as college students! We don’t mean to, but we don’t want anyone to be disappointed in us. Success is born from failure!


XOXO- Christi



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