Talking Pores

Hello everybody! Happy Friday! I hope all your weeks have gone by smoothly and you get to relax over the next few days. This weekend is mom’s weekend for my sorority, so my mom is currently on her way! Anyone else get excited when their parents come to visit? More on this later, now to what this post is really about!

Yes, I am talking skincare (again)! Can you tell this is one of my favorite topics? As a fair-skinned girl living in sunny Arizona skincare has always been near and dear to my heart, but within the past year I have really been into it. Today is all about pores! Those little dreadful things that some of have to deal with…

FontCandy (2).png

Typically when it comes to skin care we tend to focus on things such as wrinkles and fine lines. Pores are one of the things we don’t think about until one day they seem to appear out of know where. Sadly, you can never change the physical size of them, BUT YOU CAN minimize their appearance!

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

XOXO- Christi


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