Spring Break Packing List

Hello friends! I hope your Mondays are all going great. It definitely feels like the start of a new week, especially with Spring Break so close! Since it is SO close and maybe even already here for some of you I thought I would share my spring break packing list! Here it goes: Clothes Blouses/Crop tops/Shirts- I …

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Monday Motivation

Hello friends! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! It was a great one having my mom here! It was rainy, but that it my favorite kind of weather, so I was more than happy! This morning I am feeling particularly motivated. Last week was a crazy school one with a few tests and …

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4 Habits All College Students Should Adopt

This week has been a very eye-opening one. I haven't had some like big life changing epiphany or anything, but there seems to be a theme running through all my classes... helping college students prepare for the future. As a college student, I understand how stressful it is to bring up the future. Mostly because …

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