Favorite Winter Nails

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a nice relaxing day if you have off for MLK Day and if you don’t I hope your day goes by quick so you can get home to your friends and family! Today’s post is all about nail polish!

I never really enjoyed painting my nails until I was given my first bottle of Essie nail polish. It went on so much smoother than anything I had ever used before. I guess spending more that $2.00 on nail polish is worth it! You get watch you pay for, right? Anyway… here are a few of my favorite shades from Essie that I have been wearing this winter season!

Winter Nail Polish 1.png

My Favorite Winter Nail Colors from Essie

  1. Bahama Mama- what drew me to this color was the fact that is wasn’t red!! During the fall and winter I typically don’t stray from the red family because it’s a classic nail color that is also festive. My mom actually gave me this color for Christmas last year and I immediately swapped my red for this plum-purple color. It was a great way to switch up my signature nail color all while staying within a winter color palette.
  2. Forever Yummy- Now forget everything I said about the color red because now it is my favorite and nothing compares to it! Red is my all-time favorite color for nails (no, I am not part of the pink crowd, but my mom is!). This is a dark red, but not too dark. It perfectly compliments a winter red lip and has been my staple the past few months (until I switched to gold for a few weeks- see below).
  3. Penny Talk- When I first bought this color I didn’t use it right away. I saw it on Pinterest and it stuck out to me, so when I saw it at the store I had to pick it up. Over Christmas and New Year’s I had this color on. My older sister loved it so much that she actually ended up painting her nails with it and brought it to Colorado with her (where she was spending New Year’s). Gold nail polish doesn’t exactly sound like a good idea, but I promise you will get complimented on this color!!
  4. Russian Roulette- And we’re back at red (I warned you I love this color)! Russian Roulette is a brighter red that just pops out. This is a color I actually use year round since it is a school color (during football and basketball season this is literally the only color you will see me wearing). The fact that it is so bright makes its cheerful, happy, and festive!

What Essie nail colors do you love? I really want to find a green one that is not too light or too dark! Any suggestions?

XOXO- Christi



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