Starting the Semester Off Strong

Woah! How is it already second semester!? Where did the time go? Today I am sharing with you how I plan on starting off my semester. One of my goals specifically this year is to find a way to motivate myself when I am in a procrastinating mood. I think this is a big challenge for  students, especially in college.

Here are three things I do to ensure that the start of every semester is a great one:

  1. Pre-order your books ahead of time. There can be a debate with this one. I have had classes where there would be four text books required and then you only use one. From what I’ve learned, there is a reason the books are recommended. If you are set on getting that 4.0 invest in the books and then sell them at the end of the semester. My university how booths set up everywhere on campus the last few weeks of school that make it easy.
  2. Re-stock on school supplies. At the start of every semester it is good to update your school supplies. For me, I am an avid highlighter. I highlight EVERYTHING. So, every semester I usually invest in some new ones. Hopefully I am not the only one that finds that this is always the case.
  3. Create a single calendar. One of the first things I do as soon as I gather all the syllabi up for my classes is create a master calendar. This way I can see everything in one place and can plan accordingly (no more finding out you have two essays due on the same day the night before haha).

What are some ways that you guys start the semester off strong?



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