Baseline’s New Music Video

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Happy Monday friends! First of all, I want to start off this post with a little Monday motivation. Today is one about music- something very important to my family. Over the years my siblings and I have gravitated towards the performing arts… all choosing different disciplines, such as singing, dancing, musical instruments, etc. Today the quote I am sharing with you is from Plato. It always amazes me the power music has over us.

Now for the second part of this post…. who is Baseline?

Baseline is my little brother’s band and they just released their first music video this past weekend, “Short Straw” the acoustic version! To say I am a proud big sister is an understatement. Anyways… I wanted to share there video with all of you, so just follow the link! Feel free to share it or check out their other music if you like what you hear!

XOXO- Christi




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