A New Take On New Year’s Resolutions

Hello guys! So, like most of you I have a few New Year’s resolutions that I made (including starting this blog). However, this year I am taking a little bit of a different approach to accomplishing them. Instead of making the typical resolutions and saying that I am going to do something I am challenging myself to do something every month.

I laid out my monthly challenges in an article I wrote for The Odyssey, an online media outlet for college students that allows them to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Below I am providing you with a checklist of the monthly “challenges” that I laid out for myself, but I encourage you to check out the full article for all the details. You can find it here! If you like what you read please share it.

  1. January– Take a road trip/day trip somewhere (for me I plan to take a trip of to Flagstaff, Arizona with my sisters)
  2. February– Spread love to our family, friends, and strangers through a phone call, card, or a random act of kindness
  3. March– Bring flowers to someone who could use a smile
  4. April– Laugh a little extra
  5. May– Plan my vacation/staycation for the summer (Fun fact about me… I am a major planner)
  6. June– Late night drive with my best friends blasting music
  7. July– Spend time with my family for the 4th of July (planning on eating a lot of watermelon, hamburgers, and ice cream)
  8. August– Slow down and take time to appreciate my sorority sisters (it’s recruitment season for all of us that participate in Greek life)
  9. September– Remind myself of my academic goals
  10. October– Appreciate the changing colors in nature
  11. November– Serve the community in a NEW way
  12. December– Learn who started a family holiday tradition and when it originated

What resolutions did you guys make this year (if any). I would love to hear about them and what you are doing to stick to them (that’s the challenge right)!

XOXO- Christi


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